19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

October 27, 2009




12 mins

10 KB swings 2 pood(70lbs)

8 Push Ups

6 Pull Ups

4 CnJ (Clean n Jerk) 135 pounds

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  1. BQ Reply

    Using typepad now for the blog.

  2. BQ Reply

    Great job to everyone who came in for the wod today! Welcome Eric n Justin to your first taste of a CF workout!

  3. Jon Barger Reply

    Effin luv this stuff! I was a turd for so long, coming to the gym and doing chest/ tris and back/ bis with the occasional legs and abs. Cardio consisted of sitting on a bike or eliptical and waiting for the time to pass. Now, Ican really feel my body reacting to the CrossFit protocol. I think they call it sipping the Koolaid!

  4. TRRN Reply

    Great workout. I was surprised at how much of a leg workout it ended up being. I was able to shave almost a minute off of it by doing it a second time. I highly recommend.

  5. Tom Coffey Reply

    5 Rds
    *53Lb KB
    **95lb Clean and Jerk

  6. MJ Reply

    Abbey time: Rx 11:21

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