19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

October 29, 2009




21 reps of 95 pound "Kittens, Puppies, Baby Bunnies"

(Squat Clean n Press/ Squat Thrust (chest to bar) w/o hands leaving bar)

400 meter Run

15 reps of KPBB

400 meter Run

9 reps of 95 pound KPBB

400 meter Run

For Time


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Never Forget, CrossFit Hampton Roads (wmv/ mov)

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  1. BQ Reply

    KPBB ouch! They r gonna hurt. Who’s in?

  2. Bruce Reply

    Kitten, Puppies, Baby Bunnies???? sound nice right….well my they are not. Great workout though, give it a shot.

  3. BQ Reply

    Bryan B, Way to finish! This was a brutal WOD. KPBB (kittens, puppies n baby bunnies) those three cute lil animals never felt so mean. Everyone make sure you keep working on that form. The better your technique the easier you make these wods on your body!

  4. Chris Edwards Reply

    Did this on Saturday. I’ll have to check the wall but I think my time was 26+ mins.
    I found that when my form is better the motion is easier and not as tiring. Overall though it was pretty rough. I might do the 300 P’s tonight! Holla!!

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