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December 08, 2017

Becoming part of Crossfit Explode has changed my life forever. Over the last seven years, I’ve continued to lose weight, resulting in a peak weight loss of 100 lbs. However, when I tell people about CrossFit, the weight loss is not usually my focus. I tell them about the mental shift that takes place. Confidence is a wonderful thing. Having a sense of self-worth and love for life is something that is priceless. The best part though…experiencing it daily with so many wonderful people by my side. CrossFit has become more than a workout for me. It’s become a way of life. It’s where I’ve met some of the most wonderful people in my life, and it’s given me the opportunity to get outside of the gym and experience all that true fitness has to offer. At the end of the day, I won’t be competing at the CrossFit Regionals or the Games, but I do challenge myself to go explore new adventures in my daily life that the old me would never have had the strength or confidence to do. I would encourage absolutely anyone to stop making excuses and just give it a shot. It will change your life.

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