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What a great Sunday! Back and forth on the tasks. You guys pounding out those front squats like they were nothing. Taking control of helen and pushing your selves to the limit on FGB. It was great to go up against all of you and see all of you leave it all out there for us to witness. When it comes to intensity you all feed off each other.

Also for those ladies who had to go above and beyond yesterday you take a double cheat day.. You earned it.

Explode team,

I am proud to have competed with such a strong team. We both learned a lot during yesterday's competition. Now we have to recover and work on our weaknesses and have an even more radical event next time! Great people and great athletes! Thank you all for a memorable day!

Explode team - You guys truly exemplify Crossfit! I have to share my favorite moment of the competition....it was when Brian Quinlin put his hand under the foot of one of the Inspire athletes and helped her get her last pullup done. Brian - it just doesn't get any better than that, it doesn't matter who won the competition, you are clearly a winner at heart! Look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Brian and Explode,
Awesome! I'd like to tell you how enjoyable today was competing and interacting with such a classy bunch of people. Both teams left it out there today and that was "heart". Crying, bleeding, cheering, destroying our bodies , that's what Crossfit is all about. Don't beat yourself up, you guys don't do what you do and get this far with poor coaching. Hope to see you again soon at some box in some competition!!! Heck, we could even talk about your old boxing days!

Brian and Explode,
I must say that it was truly an honor to be a part of today's events.To see your team pull together, despite being short a few members, was truly an inspiration. You are an amazing coach...to see you cheer your team and OURS...was simply selfless.

Looking forward to seeing you all again someday...way to rock it Explode!!!!

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