19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 04, 2011




15…10…5 of:

Power Clean…185/115 pounds

HSPU's…45/25 plates

Toes to Bar

For Time


Congratulations Karen! 3 consecutive unassisted pull ups!

Post time and load to comments

Auxiliary: 3×30 of:

GHD Sit Ups and Reverse Hypers

**For the Holiday there will only be 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes today***

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  1. Jeff Hansen Reply

    *21:43… 155 lb. Power Cleans… I did the Rx for HSPUs but I had to kip the entire time and do one at a time… I can definitely see my improvements on them though which I am really happy about!

  2. Emily Reply

    Rx with 130# 6:11

  3. TRRN Reply

    155lb power cleans. 9:21
    Congrats Karen!

  4. Ty Reply

    Rx’d – 7:00

  5. Puzz Reply

    RX: 9:40

  6. Paige Reply

    7:49….95 lbs for power cleans everthing else is rx

  7. Lee Reply

    Awesome Karen!!!!

  8. Bethanne Reply

    Way to go Karen!

  9. Paige Reply

    congrats karen!!

  10. Fulin Reply

    Alan moved seamlessly from cootitepmr, to official, chairman of the Racing Committee and ultimately Chairman of British Water Ski. In that latter capacity I worked closely with him for 4 years and I can say honestly that his commitment and business brain helped move the Federation forward a great deal. He was a joy to deal with and even some of the most difficult problems were solved in a positive and harmonious way. He was a truly great man, successful in business, successful within water skiing and such great fun. His Jethro impersonations will stay with me for ever, as will his long term sparring with (the also much missed) Reg King and Matthew Northover (or Luke Southunder as he was known to us)! I think Alan probably made me laugh more than any other person I have ever met. It is with dread that I realise we shall never see him again. It makes me glad that I was able to have a good chat with him earlier in his illness, but saddened that he has gone from our lives much too soon. Royston joins me in passing on our sincere sympathy to all those who will miss him most Jeremy, Jane and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

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