19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 29, 2011




20min AMRAP of:

2 Muscle Ups (sub 3 Pull Ups, 3 HR Push Ups)

4 G.I Janes

6 KB Swings…70/53 pounds

8 Wall Balls…20/14 pounds…10/8 feet

100m Sprint

For Total Reps


Joe hitting a 60" Box Jump!

Post total reps to comments

Skill: Muscle Ups 

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  1. Lee Reply

    9+4 – ring row & dips, gi jane jump to touch bar, 35 lb kettle bell

  2. Karen Reply

    Sub. 5 min plank, 10 alligators/ 20 min. mobility

  3. lolo Reply

    7 rounds, pullup+hr pushup sub

  4. Paige Reply

    8 rounds…pullup + hr pushup instead of muscle ups

  5. Jen Reply

    6 rds + 14
    pull-up/push-up sub, some good gi janes but not all rx

  6. TRRN Reply

    With 1 whole minute left, I could only get 1 muscle up. Kept screwing up on the 2nd, and that totally ruined it for me. Should have been able to maybe get one more round in. Very upsetting….8+1

  7. Joe LaRose Reply

    7+6….sub pullups and hr pushups…..on a brighter note….2 weeks into crossfit and did my first muscle ups tonight…after the workout was able to do 2 in a row..OSSSS

  8. Jeff Hansen Reply


  9. The Swede Reply

    8 rds on the .

  10. Jeff K. Reply

    8 rounds +6 reps

  11. Angela Reply

    Rememberance DayNuttsFor time:10 HSPU’s15 Deadlifts 112.5k25 Box Jumps 30 50 Pull Ups Chest to bar100 Wall Balls 9k200 Double Unders400m Run with 20k Plate 19.31 PRPrevious best 21.52 so pleased with that today, wall balls were the worst part for sure.Anyone see yeredstays main page video with Austin and Spencer Hendel. For a games athlete Spencers push ups were embarrassing to say the least, down to 2’s for most of the 50. Seems he has severely lacking pushing stamina as he kips all he’s hspu’s and has a really over the top kip on ring dips, two things that I believe should not be kipped by men.

  12. Bruno Reply

    pushups and pullups can get you big arms. neck and back.Although it’s not the most effiniect way to build muscle, it can definitely work if you do hundreds of reps a day. Look up prison workout on youtube to understand more.But if you were talking in the general sense I would say the best workout is a fully body workout like a kettlebell routine of starting strength

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