19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 25, 2011




5 Rounds of:

12 Power Snatches…115/75 pounds

12 OHS… 115/75 pounds

(every min at the top of the min 2 Burpees)

For Time

Art n Reds

Post time and load to comments

Auxiliary: 100 Box Jumps for time…24/20" box

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  1. Jeff Hansen Reply

    *34:49… Started off doing Rx with 115… had to drop down to 95… stopped doing Wall Climbs about 26 minutes in and began doing HR Push Ups instead… Welcome to hell kids… 2:42 on my 100 Box Jumps 24″

  2. Bethanne Reply

    13:52 – 35# – in 9 a.m. class we did 2 burpees instead of wall climbs…thank goodness for that or we all would have been in hell with Jeff!

  3. The Swede Reply

    absolutely horrible 31:23 couldnt tell if i was crying or sweating so much

  4. Liz Reply

    rx 14:59, bad enough without wall climbs yikes

  5. Lee Reply

    12:48 – 45 lbs (burpees at 9:00 class instead of wall climbs) – could not have imagined 20-30 minutes of wall climbs! way to go 6am class for doing it.

  6. Jeff K. Reply

    13:40 @ 95#
    4:27 Box Jumps

  7. Sue W. Reply

    ran instead hahaha. 3:37 box jumps.

  8. Sammler Reply

    14:49 @ 95 pounds
    Box Jumps…2:31

  9. Ty Reply

    20:47…With one wall walk at the top of every minute

  10. Jen Reply

    15:56 – 55#

  11. YaYa Reply

    13:36 @ #50 with 2 burpees; 100 sit ups 20″ box 4:23

  12. Quinlan Reply

    Rx 12:26 w 1 wall climb at the top of every min

  13. TRRN Reply

    Started out with prescribed weight, but had to cut down during the first round. Ended up doing 105lbs. 26:35
    Should have done better on box jumps, but I was hurting after that WOD. 3:39

  14. Kelly Reply

    26:01 or 28:01. We started 5 min in so sutbract 5 min, sheesh. I knew I should have written it down yesterday. Either way although I know that isn’t some ground breaking time & furthermore is old news w/the Open WODs now posted I FELT better. I’ve been waiting to round the bend in the Paleo + being sick mess & I think today was it. I held back because I’ve felt so rough lately & should have pushed harder. I had more left in the tank afterward than I should have.[]

  15. Ronnie Reply

    Hey Danielle! Yep, non-members can attend the smeinar. Please just let us know how many, so we’ll have a solid head count and it will be $15 to attend. Hope to see you there!

  16. Anand Reply

    Ashley / umm so I totally forogt to look at me time on the board. It was def 10:something and 83# for the max. =\ not pleased with it but now I know that I’ve gotta get some of these movements mastered. Poop

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