19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 19, 2011




5 Rounds of:

Decending Row (500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m)

Decending Double Unders (50, 40, 30, 20, 10)

Decending Burpees (25, 20, 15, 10, 5)

For Time


**Join us at Doc McGrogan's October 1st 2001 at 8pm for a 2 hour Open Bar and appetizers. We will be watching the short film about the CrossFit Explode Lockdown by Brad Feaser of Hearty Films.

PRIZES: ($1 for 3 raffle tickets)
– 1 Pair of Puma Faas 250's from West Chester Running store ($70/based on suggested retail value) 
– 2 Roots Cafe gift cards ($10 each) 
– 1 ACME gift card ($20) 
– 1 Malena's Vintage clothing gift card ($30) 
– 1 Mad Hatter gift card ($20) 
– 1 Doc Magrogan gift card ($25)
– 3 LOCKDOWN Posters ($5 each)
– 1 LOCKDOWN DVD ($10)
Event Limited to 45 people
$5 for under 21 / general admission (Movie ticket becomes a raffle ticket for prizes).
$20 for adults interested in 2 hour open bar and 1 free app. (Movie ticket becomes a raffle ticket for prizes)
$1 for 3 additional raffle tickets


Post time to comments

Auxiliary: 3min AMRAP of:

Hollow Rock n Roll

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  3. paige Reply

    rx: 25:22
    i’m so excited to see the whole video!!

  4. Liz Reply

    15:26, did it at work 🙂

  5. Jeff Hansen Reply

    That teaser looks so sick! I can not wait to see the entire thing! It’s going to be awesome!

  6. YaYa Reply

    19:37 thanks Jenna! Can’t wait for the Lockdown Premier!

  7. Jay Fradette Reply


  8. Emily Reply

    Rx 15:55

  9. Bethanne Reply

    25:30 finally no star! Got my double unders:)

  10. Jen Reply

    Rx 19:39

  11. Sue W. Reply

    rx 17:46

  12. Valesca Reply

    which honestly ain’t so great. The roasen why: I think of all the games I loved from the very first time I played them. It didn’t take time to adjust to things I didn’t like. It didn’t take time to brave a tough learning curve and master awkward play control. Those are the games that stuck right away and became instant favorites. One of those favorites was NCAA March Madness 2003 for PS2. The play-control was very user-friendly. The pressure sensitive buttons were very smooth and responsive and firing off 3 point shots and rocking the rim was essentially easy to do. Provided the game’s defense engine wasn’t very effective outside of the 1-2-2 press MM2003 was a very fun and addictive basketball game. As a matter of fact, I still play it and prefer it over every college basketball game that followed since. I absolutely hated 2004 and nearly despised 2005. Both were sluggish and the actual in-game play control reminded me of an old NES cartridge. But 2005 introduced an all-new Dynasty feature which sparked a huge intrigue on my part and made me want to check it out. I rented it, forced myself through the sloppy play, and ultimately returned it to Blockbuster the next day and went back with 2003. EA lost out on my bucks for the second year in a row. So why did I end the boycott with 2006? Good question. I guess I was looking for something new. MM2003 was finally starting to get old after nearly 3 years. The Dynasty mode in it was well done but pales in comparison to the newer additions. All the Dynasty features from 2005 are back and intact in 2006 plus some new quirks. You have so many points to use when recruiting, training, and disciplining players as before. But now there is an added focus on different aspects of training. For instance, after viewing the scouting report for a tough opponent you’re about to go up against who’s inside defense is tight and threatening, you can spend Dynasty Points on emphasizing 3-point training to increase your shooters’ accuracy and overall ability to light it up from behind the arch. The possibilities are wide and intriguing. It also costs you points to discipline players who have committed an NCAA violation of course and there’s always been alot of belly-aching over that one as critics blaspheme every aspect of that. But all of them have failed to mention is that you can now turn player violations OFF in Dynasty mode so no more worries there if you’d rather not deal with drunken college kids hitting the town and being subsequently benched when you need them. As far as the commentary this is mainly just a basic rehash of previous years. A couple new Nessler-anecdotes here and there. And Duke Vitale (er, I mean Dick Vitale) finally has laryngitis in this one which makes listening to his silly, cheerleading, 60-something-year-old-man-trying-to-be-trendy-and-hip commentary a LITTLE less irritating. But for the most part the Nessler/Vitale remarks are pretty much spot-on with the action on the floor. And if they still get to you as always you have the option of turning them OFF . Then, there’s the main flaw again the in-game play control is tainted with lackadaisical shooting sensitivity. Holding the shoot button down and sending your player into the air feels like you’re still playing Double Dribble or Arch Rivals. Hell, the play control in those games may have been better! Shot fakes almost never work and usually leave you open for silly steals which almost always leads to the opponent’s unstoppable fast breaks. Funny thing for a game that boasts so much about defense. The computer is all up in your face up and down the court most of the time which brings up something else I can’t stand. The chance of your shot falling through the hoop is severely reduced when a defender is even standing near you. I’ve missed more 3-point shots in this one than any other basketball game I’ve ever played. And when viewing the shot stats after the game I see that Taquan Dean from Louisville (one of the top 3-point shooters in the nation) went 2/19 in 3P attempts throughout the contest something ain’t right there. And it gets worse. I played through 10 different games last night against teams of every caliber in terms of quality. Didn’t seem to matter if they were ranked 1 or 190 I almost never got the bucket when my best scorer shot from right under the hoop! Is the defense in the game that good!? Maybe for the computer. I’ve bricked enough good looks to cause the head coach to crap right in his pants. And when it’s my turn to guard the cpu opponent I might as well walk into the kitchen and grab another beer without pausing because one way or another they’re gonna score. Whether it’s by breaking through a trap or crashing the boards for a second, or third shot attempt. The lockdown stick helps in many instances like opening up

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