19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 15, 2011




10 Rounds of:

6 Toes to Bar

12 HR Push Ups

24 Double Unders

For Time


Post time to comments

***ITS HERE!! FIGHT GONE BAD tomorrow! Bring out your family and friends and have them watch you suffer 17 minutes for a good cause!***

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  1. Madison Tak Reply

    RX: 14:17

  2. Liz Reply

    Rx 13 59

  3. Lee Reply

    13:41 – knee to chest, knee hrpu

  4. Matt B Reply

    RX 15:45

  5. Bethanne Reply

    13:44 – knee to chest, knee hrpu; double unders need work, lots of it.

  6. TRRN Reply

    Rx 11:14

  7. YaYa Reply

    RX 16:59

  8. Jeff Hansen Reply


  9. Messi Reply

    Diana, From your comment I can only asusme you are as ignorant and bigoted as Al Sharpton. I am a Mormon. All of my family for generations have been Mormons. I literally know thousands of Mormons. Every Mormon I have ever known believes Jesus is the Son of God and is deity. We worship him and pray in his name. We perform all ordinances in his name. We believe he is the creator of the universe and that all power in the universe is derived from him. We know that man can only be saved through his grace and infinite sacrifice. I am sick of people trying to tell me what I believe and misrepresenting my religion. I am exhausted from having my faith maligned daily in the press from all sides without any repercussions. I’d also like to see some reciprocity from the Christian Right when it comes to Mormonism. There is no voting block more firmly behind the Christian Right agenda than the Mormons, but I guess a Mormon can’t count on that support in return.

  10. Rin Reply

    Bill wrote: Bookslinger, I done2€™t think the Obama campaign is the first thing the phsrae e2€œregime changee2€9d brings to mind. In terms of US politics during this campaign season, Obama and his campaigners are sure trying hard to make sure that those two things are synonymous. His main theme in the primary seems to be I’m not the Clintons, I’m an outsider’. And it appears that his theme in the general will be I’m not the Bushes, I’m an outsider’. Gee, just like Jimmy Carter’s theme, I’m a Washington-outsider. Oh, and by the way, any slurs I either specified or implied towards Obama were my own analysis/conclusions based on listening to him and his ads, and comparing them to the politics I’ve observed over the last 32 years; and did not come from listening to any other common-tators.He’s slicker than Slick Willie, but not as bright.He’s about as clueless on economics and international politics as Carter, and also not as bright as Carter, either.But I’ll probably vote for him, because I prefer stupid over evil.Also, note that any slurs specified or implied toward Obama are no where near as mean spirited as what the left wing has heaved at Bush.I would rather have a liberal president who campaigned as a liberal, than a liberal president who kept calling himself a conservative.It may be a moot point. It could come down to the super-delegates to determine who gets the dem nomination. there is the possibility that even though if Obama wins the majority of the pledged delegates, that Hillary will put the super-delegates into play in order to claim the nomination. I don’t know how that’s going to work out.But I do expect real fireworks in the dem convention. Wowza, it’s going to be history-making! Make sure you videotape (or record on DVD) as many hours of the dem convention as you can. Fireworks, I tell ya.

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