19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

September 14, 2011




Choose between 4 loads:

315/225…275/185…225/155…185/120 pounds

Complete 1rep in the 1st minute, 2reps in the 2nd minute and so on until you can no longer complete the amount of reps per minute.

9am crew

Post load and minute of last completed reps

Auxiliary: 6x400m run (2min rest between efforts)

***FIGHT GONE BAD this Saturday 10am!!! Bring out your friends and family to watch you suffer for a good cause! Please bring your favorite dish or adult beverage for the BBQ afterwards.***

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  1. Jonathan Reply

    315 11 rounds

  2. Lee Reply

    7 complete rounds @ 155 lbs
    6 x 400’s – 9:34

  3. sue W. Reply

    10 rounds 155#

  4. Karen Reply

    10 rounds 120#

  5. Quinlan Reply

    Rx 15 rounds 275#’s hahaha, Bengay!!!

  6. Emily Reply

    225# 10 Rounds

  7. Ty Reply

    Nice Sue…Lol
    275# – 9 rds

  8. Jen Reply

    10 rounds at 155#
    6 X 400m run–9:31

  9. Matt B Reply

    8x 275

  10. TRRN Reply

    275lbs for 8 rds

  11. Zsolt Reply

    9:40 RxWe have been doing alotta pull-ups laetly. Did the first 5 rounds of squats unbroken then 4:3. Pull-ups, well struggled stringing them together. Overall a good WOD. Love my CFOStuck around for the open gym. Did endurance row. 5 rounds of 500m row. Split times within 3-5 seconds of the previous round. Then 200 abmat sit-ups broken up into 25s. Good stuff

  12. Riley Reply

    Maaan, I was so stoked to do this one I made it 5 and a half rudnos, 5 ish mins in and slipped off the box taking a couple chunks of shin with me. Of course, pictures of the shin and leg hair stuck on my box posted to facebook. I’ll have to redo this one. Miss you guys.

  13. Tal Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE AND ZACH!! Went to Oly class today. It was awesome! We woekrd on snatch balance (one of my fav’s) then we went after our one rep max squat snatch! pr’d and ended with 115#. Super happy about that! Fun class. Good times with my sis and Nicole chattin’ it up!

  14. Jeslyn Reply

    Everyone did only one round, and subbed Strict Pull-ups. Other mods as noted.Chris: 16:39, 25#, Strict kipnipg bandsJulianne: 5:30, 15#, B+P BandsPatty: 7:16, 15#, B+P BandsAlyssa: 8:53, 15#, ?BandsChris M: 9:16, 10#, B+B BandsMoe: 11:44, 35# 25#, Strict P Band(last 5)Pat: 13:22, 25#, B G BandJake: 14:08, 25#, StrictAmy: 15:19, 15#, G Band StrictJeremy: 15:32, 1 pood, Strict

  15. Alexander Reply

    Awesome workout this mrionng, 95,105,115,125,135(f),135,135Huge 9:30 class today, there was barely enough room to do my DU’s ..oh wait, just me, Melissa, and Miguel. Great warm-up, like Penny I need to work on my mechanics and getting under the bar.Had a great time at Poker night last night, great group of guys, Thanks. And I think Jager bombs are my new recovery drink, because I felt really good today, honestly.Great job 9:30, and master Tweety.

  16. Cinta Reply

    I really need to buy my own jump rope and work on dbolue unders. I got up to 115 on snatch but I have a hard time landing low. I can power snatch a lot more. So it’s just a matter of getting use to landing lower and lower. Last night with the guys was great. I think we need to have another one soon but instead of calling it Poker Night with some drinks, we should call it Jager Night with some poker.

  17. Gerald Reply

    Intervals on the treadmill this monnirg. Did this as a hill workout. 7% for all three sets, 6.2,6.2,6.3 mph, walked for the recovery. Still working on building up past 7%. Strength & conditioning a few minutes after. Squats- 215lbs., Front Squat- 95lbs., and I thought my abs actually tore during the core work. Tough one this AM. College hoops today, can’t get better until Super Bowl tomorrow.

  18. Dhananjay Reply

    Ran on Treadmill after 1/2 mile swimavg about .8 miles per 5 min had trladmiel set at pace between 6:15-6:20min/mile good run, have a sprint tri in 2 weeks and want to run 20min 5k

  19. Dany Reply

    This is fascinating, Michael. How dcmlatiraaly different the sculpture looks in those two versions. In the abstracted one, by carving the holes and in such highly symbolic places, you introduce an idea of a void, a lack, and/or a wound perhaps. (As if being a swimmer without legs and stuck in stone was not dramatic enough.) . It makes your sculpture look haunted. It definitely evokes different responses from the observer. I guess by now you must have decided what version to choose, no?BTW, thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Much appreciated. By all means, please visit again.

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