19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

August 30, 2011




50 Box Jumps…20/18" box

50 Jumping Pull Ups

50 KB swings…35/15 pound KB

50 Walking Lunges

50 KTE's (Knees to Elbows)

50 Push Press…45/15 pounds

50 Back Extensions

50 Wall Balls…20/14 pounds

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders

For Time

**PR Board Worthy**

(repeat WOD from 2.11.11)


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Auxiliary: 1200m Run

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  1. Jeff Hansen Reply

    WOD Rx 19:09
    1200m Run 5:02

  2. Liz Reply

    rx 19:19
    1200m run 5:24

  3. Lee Reply

    25:30 – knee to chest, 10 lb wall balls
    1200m run – 6:00
    ** this workout killed me – burpees stink **

  4. YaYa Reply

    haven’t done the workout yet but love the pic of Bill!!!

  5. lolo Reply

    rx 24:49

  6. Paige Reply

    this picture is great!
    for the workout …19:38, couldn’t get my knees all the way to my elbows, almost.
    this workout was great!

  7. Ty Reply

    Rx’d – 19:52
    1200m Run – 4:55

  8. ElizabethJ Reply

    I’m just thankful I was able to finish it (quick note: F you burpee’s).
    used 18lbs kettle bell (ops)
    10lbs for the wall balls
    Can’t quite get my knees to my elbows yet
    and I did single jump ropes

  9. Emily <3 Reply

    Rx 17:19

  10. The Swede Reply

    RX 19:11

  11. YaYa Reply

    Rx 25:00
    1200m run 6:something; clock was reset before I got back in
    Great workout!

  12. Quinlan Reply

    Rx 18:50 way to finish Liz, that was a tough one for ur first month back

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