19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

August 29, 2011




5 Rounds of:

18 SDLHP's… 95/65 pounds

9 Burpees to a Plate

3 G.I. Janes

1min Rest

Cia seven
Prep for "The Seven"

Post time and load to comments

Strength: 10min for 1RM Turkish Get Up

**PR Board Worthy**

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  1. Madison Tak Reply

    RX: 9:08

  2. Jeff Hansen Reply


  3. Jeff Hansen Reply

    I definitely need to work on my form for Turkish Get Up before I start establishing my max.

  4. Lee Reply

    7:58 – 55 lbs, gi jane (hang from pull up bar and slightly pull up-don’t get very far)!
    Turkish Get up – 35 lbs

  5. Liz Reply

    RX 8:09…did it at real fitness, gi janes were scary!

  6. Quinlan Reply

    Rx 4:44, 145# Turkish Get Up

  7. Bethanne Reply

    8:19; 35 lbs. gi jane (jump up and hang from bar); not pretty at all!
    turkish get up – 30 lb – need to work on form.

  8. paige Reply

    Rx: 8:59
    Strength: 55 lbs

  9. TRRN Reply

    Rx 7:23. Should have done better, but I need to work on my form more on the SDHP’s. Turkish Getup max 55lbs.
    Damn Quinlan, I didn’t know people could go that high on Turkish Getups. Thats awesome.

  10. Ty Reply

    Rx’d – 6:06; Stregth: 80 lbs

  11. Puzz Reply

    RX:5:47……i think

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