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July 06, 2011





Day 1 of Strength Day Thursdays:

We are going to be doing a modified version of Wendler's 5.3.1 program. Over the next two weeks we will be establishing our 1 Rep Max in 4 movements; Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Shoulder Press. After we establish our 1RM during these two weeks we will incorporate percentages of these max's in our strength training throughout the following weeks.

15min to establish your 1RM of Back Squat

15min to establish your 1RM of Bench Press

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  1. Lee Reply

    Back squat – 125; tried 135 and dropped at bottom. Maybe try 130 next time.
    Bench press – 85 (a definite 1 rep max)! Was a struggle.

  2. Paige Reply

    back squat- 155
    bench press-85

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