19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

June 18, 2011




With a partner complete the following:

800m Run

25 G.I Janes

50 Wall Balls… 20/14 pounds …10/8 feet

50 Partner Med Ball Sit Ups…20/14/10 pounds

50 Wall Balls…20/14 pounds…10/8 feet

25 G.I Janes

800m Run

For Time

(G.I. Janes and Walls Balls are done with one partner working at a time)

(partner sit ups are done with 20# male/male, 14# male/female, 10# female/female)

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  1. Lee Reply

    15.04 – Amber was my partner!
    GI janes we jumped and touched the bar and for the partner sit ups we used a 6 lb ball.

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