19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

May 31, 2011




40 SDLHP…95/65 pounds

1200m Run

500m Row

800m Run

750m Row

400m Run

1000m Row

40 Burpees

For Time


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  1. kelly Reply

    yayyy for a cardio workout and not heavy weight : )

  2. Lee Reply

    29.38 – 55 lbs for sdlhp (still nursing shoulder)
    Enjoyed the cardio workout as well!

  3. TRRN Reply

    Rx 28:20. Had to do burpees while waiting for a rower to open up after one of the runs. 13 extra burpees, so I know I could have gotten a better run.

  4. Bethanne Reply

    36:04; 50#-sdlhps; still working on my darn running and trying to like it. It was hot this morning but better get used to that as it is almost summer! 40 burpees looked ok on the board; not so ok doing them at the end of cardio!!!

  5. Marziya Reply

    SP: 67, 67, 71.5,71.5. 75.8 (kilos account for stnrage decimals)Followed by 1/2 hr private boxing lesson, followed by 10 minutes speed rope practice.Groggy as hell this morning-my response times were slow. I think I took too much melatonin last night, or my sleep is off, or something.

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