19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

July 02, 2012

**9am and 12pm class ONLY 4th of July**




21…15..9 of:

Hang Snatch…95/55 pounds

OHS…95/55 pounds

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

HR Push Ups

For Time


Post time and load to comments

Strength: OHS 5×3

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  1. Petter Joe Reply

    wow ! your column is so advisory and so helpful. I am cat-and-mouse for your next post. accumulate it up.

  2. TRRN Reply

    Rx 13:47

  3. Paige Reply

    rx: 12:42…65 lbs for snatch and ohs

  4. Diana Reply

    I am going to miss everyone from the pad. Crossfit has been a huge part of my KAF exerpience and I’m super grateful for everyone I got to know because of it.Judy – I’m glad you started coming and have kept with it, I promise it will be rewarding. Maybe one day you will be HUGE like me! JK!Steve – I owe you an email. See you when I’m home!Spear – it’s been great getting to know you. I hope this tour is a good one for you.Mike – thanks for the time and knowledge you share with the group. Not everyone can say they went to a Snatch Clinic at the Canadian Gym!JOY

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