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West Chester, PA

May 03, 2011




5min AMRAP of:

30 Bench Press… BW/60% BW pounds

KB Swings…70/35 pounds

For Total Reps of KB Swings

(after completing 30reps of bench, you have the remainder of 5min to get AMRAP of KB Swings)


Post time and load to comments


Auxiliary: 100 Partner Med Ball Sit Ups… 14/10 pounds

Pick a partner (not your nose) and complete 100 Med Ball Sit Ups


Strength: 15min to establish 1rm of Bench Press


Some of us at explode will be taking on the Delaware Affiliate Challenge on May 21st. If you can make it get a team of one male and one female together and register by May 9th. The cost is $30 per person and it goes to a good cause!!!


***The Delaware Affiliate Challenge***

Date: Sat. May 21st 2011 sign in and rules at 8-830am first heat at 9:00am 

Where: CrossFit 1st State Middletown Delaware 

What: A fitness challenge to find the fittest CrossFit Box in the

State Teams will be made up of 2, one guy and one girl. All teams

will complete 2 wods. The top 2 teams from each Box will compete

in the final wod to determine fittest CrossFit Box and take home the


Cost: Itwill be $30 dollars per person and you will receive a T-shirt

a paleo kit, and water. If you do not want that the cost is only $10.

All proceeds will go to the “Ed Dean Memorial Scholarship Fund”

This is a scholarship that is given out yearly to a Bethany Beach Patrol

Lifeguard. It is also a tax write off so make checks payable to

“Ed Dean Memorial Scholarship Fund” 

Post W.O.D: As with all CrossFit comps there will be post wod

hang out and drinks that will be available. 

Please sign up with shirt size by May 9th you can pay on the day

of the comp at sign in. All movements will be scaleable and movement

standards will be released prior to the comp via video

WOD 1 Standards Video- http://www.sicfit.com/speaker/7461-Jud-Dean/video/487636-delaware-affiliate-comp-wod-1

WOD 2 Standards Video- http://www.sicfit.com/speaker/7461-Jud-Dean/video/487642-delaware-affiliate-comp-wod-2



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  1. Jon Reply

    1RM Bench – 285#
    37 KB Swings
    3:45 – Liz & Jon (14# med. ball)

  2. Lee Reply

    1RM bench – 95 lbs
    WOD: 83 kb swings (55 lbs bench, 30 lb kb)
    3:28 – Lee & Bethanne (10 lb med ball)

  3. Gerry Reply

    I’m not sure if I did this WOD correctly but I did the 30 bench presses at 175 lbs and the completed 25 swings in the 5 mins

  4. Paige Reply

    60 lbs for bench press
    99 KB swings
    i can’t remember the time me and gina did for the abs workout.
    95 lb for 1 rep max

  5. TRRN Reply

    Rx 54
    1 RM bench 200lbs.

  6. Bethanne Reply

    1RM bench – 100 lbs.
    80 KB swings – 60 lbs bench; 26 lb kb)
    3:28 – Bethanne & Lee (10 lb ball)

  7. Jhonevenejer Reply

    I agree with Mindy. Loved the team mentality of the 5:30 class. Considering I was 2nd to last, the cerehs really help motivate you to push yourself harder. The only issue with me finishing before someone is that normally at the end of a WOD I can’t freakin’ breathe so cheering and yelling for someone else is hard when your body is starving for oxygen! Today was day 4 in a row for me. I’ve really pushed myself this week and really have been WAY outside of my comfort zone. I don’t necessarily like the way it feels to not be in my comfort zone, but I like the results I’m getting from pushing myself harder. Taking Friday off, and assuming I’m able to move on Saturday morning, Paul and I most likely will be at the 8AM class.

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