19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

May 02, 2011




2 Rope Ascents…21 feet

100m Sled Pull… 90/45 pounds

10…9…8 of:

Hang Clean… 95/55 pounds

Push Press… 95/55 pounds

100m Sled Pull…90/45 pounds

7…6…5 of:

Hang Clean… 95/55 pounds

Push Press… 95/55 pounds

150m Sled Pull…90/45 pounds

4…3…2…1 of:

Hang Clean…95/55 pounds

Push Press…95/55 pounds

400m Run

For Time


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Skill:  Rope Ascents

Auxiliary: 3×20 GHD Sit Ups and GHD Back Ext.

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  1. Lee Reply

    WOD: rope sub, rx for the rest – 13.05
    I did get one rope ascent during practice (to the top)…first time ever!

  2. paige Reply

    12:20…rope sub rx for the rest. I did one rope accent up during practice..couldn’t get down though Hahaha

  3. Jon Reply

    11:57 (rope climb sub) Rx rest. I did try one rope accent, but couldn’t get down, so my hero had to catch me…oh wait…maybe that wasn’t me…

  4. Gerry Reply

    19:08, RX

  5. TRRN Reply

    Rx 20:08
    95lb sled pull.

  6. Bethanne Reply

    WOD: rope sub; 45 lbs – 13:48
    I did get 1/2 way up rope during practice but chickened out to go further! Heights aren’t my thing…something to work on!

  7. Michael Reply

    Are you blind? Try to do this yourself, and see how long you last? He makes it look easy! Most peolpe can’t even do basic skips for 10 seconds! I know because i am a personal trainer, and a jump roper myself. Most peolpe think they can jump rope Until someone who knows shows them how to.

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