19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 08, 2012




20min AMRAP of:

2 Wall Climbs

4 G.I. Janes

8 Box Jumps…24/20" box

(every 4min 200m Run)

For Total Reps


Post total reps to comments

Auxiliary: Tataba Russian Twists

*Competitors- Strength: DB Shoulder Press 3×8

Back Squat 3×8

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  1. Paige Reply

    Rx: 192

  2. Sue W. Reply

    best part of the video: “you could leg press but…that’s gay.”

  3. Liz w Reply

    Rx 201

  4. Ty Reply

    @Sue – Agreed…

  5. lolo Reply

    rx 178

  6. Puzz Reply

    RX: 194

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