19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 05, 2010




Tabata= (8)20sec. rounds w 10sec. rest

Tabata CFX= (32)20sec. rounds w 10sec. rest of:

(8) rounds Deadlift… 135pounds

(8) rounds DB/KB Push Press… 35 pound DB/KB (each arm)

(8) rounds Sit Ups

(8) rounds Burpees

For Total Amount of Reps!


Pretty funny when we throw bills at John while he does sit ups!

Post total reps to comments

4.6.10 Tabata CFX 



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  1. dlam Reply

    251 (rx baby)

  2. Bruce Reply


  3. trish dish Reply

    82/40/70/30–222 (RX)

  4. Brian Petters Reply

    297….30 rep improvement from the last time we did this WOD.

  5. MJ Reply

    Rx 340
    Push press got a little sloppy towards the later rounds.
    How bout DLam hittin it up Rx!

  6. Kelly Reply


  7. TRRN Reply

    In November, my numbers were 92/85/77/60=314
    This time around I had a huge improvement in my numbers, and Bruce was my counter to verify these numbers because even I didn’t believe them.
    Pretty sloppy form on the push presses though, gotta work on those.

  8. Andre Reply

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