19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 03, 2013




3 Rounds of:

4 Wall Walks

8 Burpee Box Jumps…24/20" box

16 KB Swings…70/53 pounds

48 Double Unders

For Time

(repeat WOD from 11.30.12)

Games2013_13-5Announcement_Rotator 2
Games2013_13-5Announcement_Rotator 3

Post time and load to comments

Ladies and Gentlemen this is it for the 2013 CrossFit Open. We will be holding validation this Saturday at 1pm followed by festivities!! Feel Free to bring your favorite dish, beverage, friends or family. Kathy and Matt of Katnmathy Farms will be cooking up their famous all natural black angus beef! Please respond to comments if you plan on attending the after party and how many will be accompanying you so we can provide the appropriate amount of meat for the occasion.


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  1. kathy meat in her trunk goin Reply

    Thanks BQ! Katt and Mathy will be there!

  2. Lizzie Reply

    Lizzie + 0

  3. Ty Reply

    I’ll be there

  4. Jenny Reply

    awesome! Jenny + 1

  5. Anthony P Reply

    I’ll be there.

  6. Nigel Reply

    I will be in attendance.

  7. Bob Brice Reply

    Ill be there

  8. Justin D. Reply

    Ill be there, sounds great

  9. The swede Reply

    Ill be there

  10. sue Reply

    2 Wilkeys, maybe 3 🙂

  11. brynn Reply

    i wish i could join! miss you alll

  12. Ed K Reply

    I’m there

  13. Sam V. Reply

    Sam + 1

  14. Maddy Reply

    Ill be there, but no meat for me!!! I’m one of those weird people!

  15. Steph Reply

    I’ll be there!

  16. Pat Resnick Reply

    I’ll be there

  17. Paige Reply

    I will be there!

  18. Jason Mackel Reply

    ill be there

  19. Leah B Reply

    I will be there with Leila and Peter! I’ll bring a salad.

  20. Matt B Reply

    I’ll be there

  21. Lauren W Reply

    I should be! (On call that afternoon)

  22. Ty Reply

    Rx – 7:21

  23. Puzz Reply

    RX- 7:33

  24. TRRN Reply

    Rx 8:17

  25. Annie Reply

    I’ll be there!

  26. Wayne Reply

    Kelly and I will be there.

  27. Hannah Reply

    Hope to make it in the afternoon!
    I will bring some treats from carlinos!

  28. Jordan Reply

    I should hopefully be there!

  29. Dean Reply

    I’ll be there…I may eat enough for a plus one so keep that in mind.

  30. Amy Reply

    I’ll be there

  31. Ryan Bandy Reply

    I’m in

  32. Ali Reply

    I’ll be there! -Ali

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