19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 30, 2012




10 Rounds of:

400m Run

10 Wall Balls…20/14 pounds… 10/8 feet

5 Burpees

For Time

Bill- competing at CF Games Mid-Atlantic Regional for Team Explode

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  1. Paige Reply

    Rx : 31:37. 10 ft target

  2. Brad Reply


  3. TRRN Reply

    2 minutes off my previous time. Thanks for the push Bill. Rx 28:05

  4. lolo Reply

    rx 30:44

  5. Sammler Reply

    RX 25:41

  6. Jen Reply

    Rx 33:52

  7. Indra Reply

    Chris,You are wise beyond your years young man. I never post due to lack of time and prbloaby a generational thing . But there was no way I couldn’t comment after reading this. Your words made me pause and reflect on how I could step it up a bit in my own life. With an outlook like yours you will go far in life! Anyway I appreciate the time and patience you have extended to me. You will be missed. Will try to make it in for some extra coaching on OH Squats and snatches. I can sure use it.

  8. Lissette Reply

    Skip and Rhonda,As a seasoned treinar, it is easy to train the Jocks that walk through your door….pull, push, squat, snatch. However, it is most rewarding and motivating to train people like Tom and Lesha (hey-they unleashed their athleticism!). They have made a lifestyle change with the help of you.THANK YOU for all that you continue to do for us….at Mt. Baker Crossfit.

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