19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 26, 2011




7min AMRAP of:


Clean n Jerk…115/75 pounds

Knees to Elbows

For Total Reps


**Instead of programming this week's OPEN WOD 11.6, we are going to save it for Saturday. Today's WOD is a similar movement sequence designed to gain proficiency in the time demand of 11.6 as well as working on different movements.

Post total reps completed to comments

Strength: 10min to establish 1rm Clean n Jerk

Skill: Pulling under the bar at the bottom of the front squat for max CnJ 

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  1. Lee Reply

    WOD – 65 lbs, k2chest (a few elbows) = 70 reps total
    STRENGTH – 95 lbs

  2. Eric B Reply

    Work out looks ridiculous. Been on the road for the last week and a half, plus had a family issue, but have been making several of these up on my own. The Row with those ridiculous burpees was especially awful… Don’t think that crazy HSPU, C2B and clean WOD from a Saturday ago kept me out. See you all early next week….

  3. lorelei wilkey Reply

    WOD 65# 84 reps total
    Strength 80#

  4. lorelei wilkey Reply

    I meant 45 :p

  5. Paige Reply

    WOD: rx: 70 reps
    strength: 110

  6. TRRN Reply

    WOD 15 reps + 13 K2E’s. Total reps 88.
    Strength 165

  7. Yongho Reply

    16:32 RxDidn’t realize I rppeid open my hand till I was done and doing some skills work. Always fun having people stare at you when you are doing CF in a nonCF gym.

  8. Leidasopa Reply

    Second attempt at this wod. 18 rdouns (36 reps), so not as good as Weds (43 reps), but still glad I went for it again.What made my day/week/month was getting to see Heather and Brandy get reps like I knew they could and all the guys going hard-core (and occasionally shirtless) to kill this wod. Y’all are my heroes.

  9. Amel Reply

    30:07115#-not full depth dropped the wegiht on my second round freaked me out and I was scared to attempt full depth after that. I’ve never done more than 85# squats in a WOD not sure what I was thinking with the 115.

  10. Marg Reply

    A group of us did this last year, the PR time is 3hr and 33 mins (with about 33 mins spent at the top) The elevation gain is 2075 feet. There are some potnoirs that are pretty vertical that would be difficult for dogs, or anyone without opposing thumbs for that matter, but as a team we could make sure that dogs and family could make it safely.

  11. Haseeb Reply

    I’ve not done this yet so I don’t know, but wouldn’t this bcalasily be the same as any other 7 minute long monostructural activity? If that’s the case, then:(1) You can assume that you can use a little not too much extra effort in the first 30 seconds without killing yourself;(2) You’re essentially just managing heart rate. So, if you go too fast in the first two minutes, you’re done;(3) Formal rest periods (either do 15 and stop for x-time, or Tabata) won’t work because you can’t get your heart rate down a whole lot for a sustainable period without getting the rest- to work-ratio around 1:1; and(4) Everything in the last minute is bcalasily free, because you’re done then. So, you can go crazy (or as crazy as you can be after six minutes of burpees). If these assumptions are correct, a strategy might be to have 20 bpm in minute 1, settle into an even 14 bpm for minutes 2-6, and then return to 20 bpm for the last minute, leading into a nice easy cool-down of 0 bpm. That works out to 110. I guess I’ll find out if this works soon.

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