19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 26, 2010




3 rounds of:

1min Wall Balls… 20/14 pounds (for reps)

1min SDLHP… 75/45 pounds (for reps)

1min Box Jumps… 20/18" Box (for reps)

1min Push Press… 75/45 pounds (for reps)

1min Row… (for cals)

1min Rest

score= total number of reps accumulated for all three rounds


Post score to comments

4.27.10 Fight Gone Bad 


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  1. Sue W. Reply

    LOL-awesome. As I said, you can marry the most Nordic-looking chick on the planet, but if you cheat she’ll go ghetto on your ass.

  2. Kelly Reply


  3. MJ Reply

    Rx 333

  4. trish dish Reply


  5. TRRN Reply

    Rx 321

  6. Brian Petters Reply

    Rx 319. I beat Nate and that’s all that matters.

  7. Ed K Reply

    Rx 258

  8. Aabhay Reply

    Yes Keir , definately on for Saturday, lots of work still ndeeed!! For time:1000m Run treadmill30 HSPU’s 8.19Run easy but it still affected hspu’s. Rowers all in use, gym very crowded tonight.Thrusters rest was short, just enough to change weights60k65k70k75k80k85k90k92.5k f again need more.Pull ups 3 sets of 20 chin over bar.10 Push ups10 sec bottom hold10 Push ups10 sec bottom hold10 Push ups10 sec bottom hold1 push up wish these were in regionals or ring dips.

  9. Alexa Reply

    happy friday!just like crorie says my body craves sugar, ithink in some way my body craved for some to tell it to take 6000 3 over head anyway.i thought i would snatch some, but didn’t at all. c and j the whole time.9:2280 reps with 75#.i hope that every one goes with full reps on this one, no matter what weight you pick. you’ll be even more happy it’s friday after you’re through.

  10. Dorthy Reply

    Rafting Information: Tomorrow 09/11/10 we will be rafting! If you are ineetestrd, meet at Ennis Riffle at 10:30. The trip will be from Ennis to Argo which is about 2.5-3.0 hours long. Bring a snack or lunch. If you need a tahiti or raft at the last minute, check out Galice Resort or White Water Cowboys. For any questions, etc call Leah at 541.659.3622.

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