19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 20, 2010




20min AMRAP of:

10 Wall Balls…20/14 pound balls

10 Sit Ups

50m Sprint

score= total number of reps completed in 20min


Post score to comments  

4.21.10 Abbey-OOP 


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  1. Kelly Reply


  2. Eida Reply

    That picture is ridiculous. Talk about a face full.

  3. TRRN Reply

    Ended with 7 sit ups. Rx total=337. Could have got more, but I ended up doing more wall balls because I wasn’t hitting the mark every time. Curse my short stature.

  4. Schaun Reply

    Momsy,Thanks for all the encouragement, entemtainrent, joke material, and above all, friendship. You will be GREATLY missed! I wish you all the best in Wisconsin, but secretly (or not so secretly) hope/expect you’re back shortly Try not to puke all over your new 7pm classmates on the first day their stink eye may pack more punch than mine and Ash’s.. I’ll miss you!!

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