19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 19, 2012




8min AMRAP of:

24 KB Swing…70/53 pounds

24 Burpees Over Box…24/20" box

For Total Reps


Post total reps to comments

Strength:  2min AMRAP of:

Single Arm Snatches…100/70 pounds

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  1. Arthur Reply

    I love our Gym! The Swede cometh….

  2. Paige Reply

    this picture is sweet
    rx: 113

  3. TRRN Reply

    Rx 107

  4. Ken Reply

    Yeah, I’m not sure if everyone was pkcniig up on my exaggeration, Jon I just don’t want people to think Hey, I’ll do 6 weeks or so of Power Hour then I CRUSH those CrossFit WODs!! because they won’t expect to lose their conditioning.Most people are strong enough to handle RX’d weights for a set or two it’s usually that they lack the stamina or metabolic efficiency to handle them in a CrossFit MetCon, though. This is a need for more conditioning, not a need for more strength or perhaps it’s a little of both?Athlete’s choice.

  5. Edward Reply

    wow.. I really want to ditch Open house & class and come work out! Have fun with this one guys!Slaughter, I toughht they same thing. As I only made it through 5 weeks of clean paleo and stumbled through the last 3 my pre Filthy time was 35+ last night was 28:11 You do the math to find the percentage (I’ve done my quota of math for the day . Slip N’ Slide suggestions: I’ve done a tarp slip in slide, the rotating sprinkler heads work out great.The thick gymnastics mats work really well, we used to use them to slide off the diving boards and into the pool after swim. they dry out well & get cleaned! Bummer I’ll miss the Sat slip n’ slide WODSlaughter, I’ll be road trippin’ over my 12 days of Easter break. When you were in Antartica, you referenced a list of exercises to do when going to CF in not an option. Where might one find said list?Otherwise I’ll be running, practicing DUs, air squats, lunges, psu, abs . I could probably find something to jump on. Thanks!

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