19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 13, 2010




8…7 of:

Santch…115/75 pounds

Toes to Bar

then: 200m Run

6…5…4 of:

Snatch…115/75 pounds

Toes to Bar

then: 200m Run

3…2…1 of:

Snatch…115/75 pounds

Toes to Bar

then: 200m Run

For Time

*This workout moves fast, scale appropriately and hit it as hard as possible (duh… always)!!

Farmer fran

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4.14.10 Explode Foosball 

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  1. Alison Reply

    OMG Brian, you should not post these before I come in for your 7pm class!!!! Snatches, 200M runs AND toes to bar?!? I always knew you were crazy, but this? Really?!

  2. TRRN Reply

    95lb snatch. time=10:25. Those damn snatches slowed me down. I would say I need to work on them more, but I have been, I’m just not getting any better. And thanks to Steve and John for sucking any life or joy I had in myself before the WOD out of me.

  3. DiNunzio Reply

    10:15, I did 95lb for the snatches…and I think my runs were a bit further than 200m…Collins and I did it together but I forget his time

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