19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 12, 2010




18…15…12…9 of:

Lunges… 45/25

KB Swings… 70/35



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4.13.10 U-Reeka 

Skill: Double Unders

Strength:  Bench Press 3…3…3…3 


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  1. Ryan.M Reply

    Is that picture an old AXE commercial? WTF
    Great WOD

  2. Kelly Reply

    9:54 (but i did it twice b/c i hated my first time) haha

  3. Ryan.M Reply

    Got taken on the Burpees

  4. Bruce Reply


  5. MJ Reply

    Rx 9:02

  6. DiNunzio Reply

    15:30….I hat lunges….

  7. TRRN Reply

    Rx=8:49. Nice work Kelly on doing it twice. I couldn’t leave the gym fast enough when I finished.

  8. Ashley Reply

    You are right Mer, Marshall is doing a fantastic job. However, this am at 6 hlfaway through the workout he was like ha,ha uh guys I forgot to add knees to elbows to the list, so uh, like, don’t forget to do those sorry UGH.

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