19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

April 12, 2010





5/1…4/2…3/3…2/4…1/5 of:

Deadlift… 315 pounds/ HSPU's with paralettes (nose to 2 stacked up 45# bumpers)

REST 2min


5/1…4/2…3/3…2/4…1/5 of:

Squat Clean… 155 pounds/ Weighted Pull UP… 45 pounds




Post time and loads to comments

4.12.10 Pink Socks 

Note:  Use a dumbell between your legs for a quick transition to the pull ups in the Left Sock and make sure your hips drop below your knees for the Squat Cleans.  Scale wisely, this is meant to be heavy! 

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  1. TRRN Reply

    First time I did the workout, my time was 12:19. I Had a huge improvememnt this time around, but I stuck with a scaled down weight like before.
    275lb DL, 135 SC. Time-9:37.

  2. Alex Reply

    Yes I’ve seen undies cimong out the other end and often get worried about how stringy they are and what can happen internally. Do dogs get obsessed like people can (OCD)? Your comment about your dog made me wonder

  3. Giuliano Reply

    I just used these for the first time two days ago on a short run (2 miles). They were wonderful thick and cseihonuy on the bottom, some support through the arch (but not so much that you really notice it while you’re wearing them I mean, they don’t squeeze your foot to death), and thin on the top. The wicking fabric worked great. Again, it was only a 2-mile run, but I’m wearing them on a 5K tonight and can’t wait to see how they do for that. I really didn’t need any extra room in my shoes for them; they’re not *that* thick. You do want to be careful about the sizing. There are several options listed, some are redundant, and some a little misleading (although I think they may have made the sizing clearer). I ordered the medium, which is equivalent to a standard US women’s sock size (and they fit great).

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