19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

February 27, 2012




800m Run

with the remainder of 20min complete AMRAP of:

10 Deadlifts…225/135 pounds

5 HSPU's…25/floor plates

(At 10min Run 800m again)

For Total Reps

Going to be ordering some of these cool looking shorts. If anyone is interested please respond to comments with your name and size!

Post total reps and load to comments

Games Competitors: Deadlift from defecit 4×2

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  1. taj sarin Reply

    Taj, size 30 waist

  2. Bill Reply

    Bill 34

  3. Ben Reply

    Ben 34. ‘merica

  4. Joe LaRose Reply

    damn those shorts are AMERICAN as shit…..they match my arm, best believe im in…
    PS.I’d like it if they said Crossfit on there somewhere…I want everyone to know that I do crossfit
    32/33 waist

  5. Luke Davis Reply

    Luke 33 waist

  6. Sammler Reply

    any idea on a price for these shorts?

  7. Lauren Krygowski Reply

    160 (160#)

  8. Ty Reply

    Ty Shorts Size – Medium. Order me one!

  9. Josh Pace Reply

    Josh Pace-Large!

  10. Joe LaRose Reply

    i 2nd sammlers inquiry….cost?

  11. lolo Reply

    rx 143

  12. Sue W. Reply

    Rx 118. Those’re some popular shorts.

  13. nicksteinley@gmail.com Reply

    Nick Steinley, medium

  14. TRRN Reply

    Rx 13rds+4=199

  15. Micah Reply

    Micah 36 waist

  16. Brad Reply

    in for shorts…xl…
    135 rx on today’s wod

  17. Micah Reply

    Micah Large, or 36 waist

  18. Art Reply

    Art Groy, Large

  19. Sue Reply

    Could we get some womens tanks up in here??

  20. Marc Reply

    Marc- 2 pairs at 36″ waist or XL

  21. Puzz Reply

    Puzz- 2 pairs size-XL

  22. Cellie Reply

    One pair large

  23. Oscar Vasquez Reply

    2 Large

  24. Oscar Vasquez Reply

    2 Large

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