19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

February 10, 2012




2 Rounds of:

10 Burpees

9 Deadlifts…115/65 pounds

8 Hang Cleans…115/65 pounds

7 Push Press…115/65 pounds

6 Back Squats… 115/65 pounds

5 G.I. Janes

4 Toes Through Rings (sub: K2E's)

3 Muscle Ups (sub: 3 Ring Rows, 3 Ring Dips per)

2 Ring HSPU (sub: 2 HSPU's)

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  1. Genna Squadroni Reply

    Genna Squadroni -medium

  2. Jeff Hansen Reply

    20:15… I was one HSPU on the rings away from Rx…

  3. Laure Reply

    16:21 (80#, 4 hspu’s on (2) 45#)

  4. Eduardo Reply

    FYI I don’t think there are going to be Overhead Squats in the Open this week. We have gone Overhead the past 2 weeks. I feel it’s time for a skill like Muscle ups or HSPU. We may have pull-ups as well. Maybe a heavy Deadlift. Not OHS though so sleep well.

  5. Ruchika Reply

    No one left any results for the 12.30PM CLASS! 6.30PM CLASSName WOD / Scaled / ResultAndrea 3 x 400m row, 15 sqatus, 20 butterfly sit upsFrankie Wednesdays strength / 8RM front squat 50kg, 5RM push press 35kgSteve H Comp Squad WOD / Rx’d / 9.58Frenchy Comp Squad WOD / Rx’d / 10.50Amy Comp Squad WOD / 45kg back squat, pike push ups / 11.45Sang box sqatus, sumo deadliftBen B ?Dan M Tuesdays conditioning (run, rope climbs) / 13.07Jon double under and overhead squat practiceA few people didnt write their names on the board tonight! Burpees for some! Otherwise good use of our new rest/skills/strength day. Special mention to Dan who did the rope climbs arms only due to having no shoes!

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