19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

February 09, 2012




5 Rounds of:

500m Row

25m Walking Lunge…25/10 pound plate

25 HR Push Ups

For Time

Post time and load to comments

**We are reordering Explode Hoodies again! Respond to comments with your name and size if you want one! Orders must be in by Monday.**

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  1. Josh Pace Reply

    Josh Pace size large

  2. Jeff K. Reply


  3. Matt B Reply

    Matt Beckwith XXL

  4. Brocksmith Reply


  5. Bethanne Reply

    24:40 walking squats instead of walking lunges due to bad knee. Rough workout!

  6. Paige Townsend Reply

    Paige Townsend Small

  7. paige Reply

    rx: 21:20

  8. Marc Reply

    Marc Leonard size XXL

  9. TRRN Reply

    Rx 19:00. Thanks to Steven and Jeff for pushing me, and for Jon who kept on my tail.

  10. Emily Pale Reply

    Emily Pale (1) 2XL and (1) 3XL

  11. Russell Reply

    (2) 2XL (1) XL

  12. Lauren Krygowski Reply

    22:34 (25#)

  13. Leah B. Reply

    Leah Bednarek, Medium please!

  14. Mark Fetzko Reply

    Mark Fetzko – Large

  15. Molly Twohig Reply

    Two XLs please.

  16. Tony Auletto Reply

    (2) XL Tony Auletto

  17. Luke Davis Reply

    I need one XXL Please.

  18. Munchy Reply

    Munchy medium

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