19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

December 03, 2009



"THE 300"

25 Pull Ups

50 Deadlifts… 135/65 pounds

50 Push Ups

50 Box Jumps… 20" box

50 Floor Wipers… 135/45 pounds

50 (each arm) Single Arm CnJ… 35/15 pounds

25 Pull Ups



Kelly doing floor wipers, keep your feet together.  Touching your feet to each side counts as one rep.

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Note:  This WOD is a revisit from July of 2006 when we had the competition.  Do you remember your time from back then.  Crush it!

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  1. TRRN Reply

    It was cool bringing this one back after so long. I shaved about 2 minutes off my original time, and I was able to do it with so much more ease than before. I got 14:12. Damn, Matt beat me by 4 seconds.

  2. MJ Reply

    Rx 14:08

  3. Eddie Reply

    22:05 had fun with this one

  4. Bruce Reply

    16:37….shoulda went to jakes

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