19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

December 26, 2011




21…15…9 of:

Hang Cleans…135/95 pounds

Front Squat…135/95 pounds

Push Press…135/95 pounds

For Time


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Auxiliary: Shoulder and Hip mobility

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  1. Joe larose Reply

    Rx 16:20

  2. TRRN Reply

    115 lbs. 13:35

  3. paige Reply

    11:01 70 lbs

  4. Jen Reply


  5. Gaston Reply

    ray or terry, can you take my score down, i need to redo it, found out the ball i used is 10lbs not 14. I was informed our gym does not have a 14lb ball so I will have to use a 20lb ball Sorry for the csfouoinn. I might go buy one if I have time.

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