19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

December 01, 2009




3 Rounds for time of:

275 pound Deadlift… 6 reps

Burpees… 8 reps

Pull ups… 10 reps

250m Row


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12.2.09 (2)

Strength:  Shoulder Press (Standing Rigid Body)


Auxiliary:  Sit Ups

Do 2 sit ups every minute on the minute until you can't continue. Thats 2 sit ups in the first min, 4 sit ups in the second, 6 in the third, 8 in the fourth and so on.  Record the minute and amount of sit ups completed.

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  1. Eddie K Reply

    I gotta get back in here and try this out.

  2. s Reply

    this one looks like fun. sucks I am stuck in TX.

  3. MJ Reply

    Rx 6:28

  4. KA Reply

    Rx 9:10 I think

  5. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1311833453 Reply

    Rx 8:44.
    You can tak off 30 seconds for technical difficulties though, the staff had a hell of a time getting my feet out of the row machine..

  6. Collins Reply

    As rx’d 7:13

  7. TRRN Reply

    Unfortunately, I had to back down on the weight some. I got 7:05 with a 255lb deadlift. Probably could drop a few more seconds down, but I too had trouble getting my feet in and out of the row machine.

  8. Bruce Reply


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