19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

December 18, 2011




30…20…10 of:

SDLHP's…95 pounds

Box Jumps…24" box

Toes To Bar

For Time

Jeff O.

Post time and load to comments

Auxiliary: 4min AMRAP of:

Single Arm DB Squat Snatch

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  1. lolo Reply

    10:48, 65# 20″

  2. Sue W. Reply

    11:36 55# 20″

  3. Jen Reply

    65# SDLHP, 20″ box

  4. TRRN Reply

    Rx 8:53

  5. Lauren Krygowski Reply

    11:16 (75#)

  6. Dorel Reply

    Here here. I have fallen off the xfit wagon hard. I keep teillng myself that I will get back at it this week. I even bought a rope as Rx to help me get through my double under deficit. But work keeps starting early or going late and life just keep getting in the way for a WOD.Anyone out there have a helpful hint on how to get back on track?

  7. Sarah Reply

    Hey Chris,Good Luck in Milwaukee. I have a few family memrbes there and in Madison. Say Hi to Ryan from CF Milwaukee for me. He is a great guy as are all the memrbes I met there. You should have no problem feeling welcomed there. But done’ expect eh bathroom to be the germ free zone it is at SB. If you can make it to CF Madison, Coach Skip is phenomenal Oly Lifting Coach. Hit me up if you need anything.Hopefully I will see you in a WOD when I head back to visit the family this summer.

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