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December 11, 2018


5…4…3…2…1 of:

Clean Ladder

– Warm up to a heavy single clean. Then, with a partner load up the bar to 80% of that weight. With minimal rest, run through the ladder… 5@80%….4@85%…3@90%…2@95% and 1@100%. Have your partner load the bar for the next weight with clips.


50/21…40/18…30/15…20/12…10/9 of:

Wall Balls….20/14…10/9

Power Cleans…135/95

For Time

(18min Time Cap)

This girl….

Paige Henry.

Everyone here at Explode is extremely lucky to witness the everyday grind of this lil super hero. Her work ethic is nothing short of obsessive and borderline psychotic! Her life evolves around getting better always at all costs. Specifically in the sport of fitness. Tomorrow my amazing friend gets to test out her efforts against the best of the best in the entire world. She earned her spot as one of 37 women to make their way to the Dubai CrossFit Championship this year to try and earn a spot at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Check out the several ways to watch the action and witness how hard work pays off!!

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