19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 08, 2011




30min AMRAP of:

12 Med Ball to Wall Sit Ups…20/14 pounds (feet anchored by DB's)

9 Power Snatches…115/75 pounds

6 Burpees

**every 5min 400m Run, starting with 400m Run**

For Total Reps


Post load and total reps to comments


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  1. Luke Davis Reply

    Your programming is on point BQ! This first week back has been great and I’m sure I’ll hit new levels at CFE. Happy to be here!

  2. Emily Reply

    this looks so crazy i’m so excited!
    nice pic jeff

  3. Paige Reply

    that was paige, not emily hah

  4. Lauren Krygowski Reply


  5. Lee Reply

    214 – 10 lb ball, 55 lb ps (did 65 first round and then had to lower on second round)
    Liking the variety in the workouts this week!

  6. Bethanne Reply

    Sorry to miss this one…sick kid:(

  7. lolo Reply

    201, 65#
    nice jeff!(:

  8. Jeff K. Reply


  9. Joe Larose Reply

    awesome week of workouts so far……216 (95lb power snatch, thinkin i should have done RX)

  10. Liz Reply

    Rx 197, these workouts have been so awesome!

  11. Sammler Reply

    RX 216…really enjoying these workouts lately

  12. Jen Reply

    65# power snatches
    cool ball to wall sit ups, can’t wait to see how my abs feel tomorrow!

  13. The Swede Reply

    rx: 270

  14. paige Reply

    185…65 lbs for snatch. i liked the situps!

  15. TRRN Reply

    95lb snatch. 9 Rds + 1= 244
    Great pic Jeff.

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