19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 08, 2009




400m Run

21…15…9 of:

Pull Ups/ Push Press 115 pounds

400m Run

18…12…6 of:

BW Bench Press/ C2 Row

400m Run

15…10…5 of:

SDLHP 115 pounds/ Dips

For Time


10.23.09 Marc and Herb do "Happy Hour" (40 burpee/pullups for time)

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  1. MJ Reply

    Rx 18:45 can’t wait for this one again

  2. Jeff Reply

    Was sick for two weeks, this is my first wod back. didnt go rx. for PP I used 65, BP I used 95 and SDLHP I used 65. time: 29:56

  3. Zobes Reply

    33:16 My First wod. Did not rx. did jumping pull ups, 65pound PP, SDLHP, and 135 for the bench.

  4. Collins Reply

    As rx’d 22:40.

  5. Ed K Reply

    24:55. I used 75 for PP,SDLHP and used 95 for bench

  6. TRRN Reply

    I went RX prescribed. Thanks to Brian for talking me into it instead of going lighter. A little disappointed in my time though…24:29. Will have to do better next time around.

  7. kelly Reply

    did 25:42….learned my lesson that i drank wayyyyy too much this weekend : ( it killed me monday!

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