19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 03, 2009




Tabata= (8)20sec. rounds w 10sec. rest

Tabata CFX= (32)20sec. rounds w 10sec. rest of:

(8) rounds Deadlift… 135pounds

(8) rounds DB/KB Push Press… 35 pound DB/KB (each arm)

(8) rounds Sit Ups

(8) rounds Burpees

For Total Amount of Reps!

BQ n MJ CF South Brooklyn
MJ and BQ at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Post loads and Reps to comments


Isabel, Josh Everett …[wmv][mov] 


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  1. Kelly Reply

    I got 303 on this wod! the burpees and situps proved to b my hardest.
    DL107, PP83, SU77, Bur36= 303

  2. TRRN Reply

    This was by far one of the hardest workouts. Tough to keep good form on the push presses after all those deadlifts, and finishing with those burpees was just painful. I got great numbers though:
    DL 92, PP 85, SU 77, Bur 60=314

  3. Collins Reply

    Did this WOD a day late. As rx’d
    SU-90 (no foot support)
    313 total
    Push press form questionable.
    Rest between different exercises was approx 25 seconds. Long enough to write down previous totals.

  4. BQ Reply

    Tim and Collins, great numbers! This was a brutal workout. We’ll def see this one again!

  5. Serega Reply

    Amanda, woot! This one is tough because it is the same exisecre for the full Tabata circuit so do not stress that you had to move to girl pushups . I did the same this week. So glad you like these! And I wait probably 3 mins in between if it’s cardio back to back. p.s. Congrats on your new gig!

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