19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 28, 2011




Test 1– 2min AMRAP of:

Single Arm DB Clean n Jerks

(1min on the each arm. Choose a weight. Score is total weight lifted in the 2min)

2min Rest then:

Test 2– 2min Double Unders

(score is total DU's in 2min)

2min Rest then:

Test 3– 8min AMRAP of:

21 Pull Ups

15 Wall Ball Sit Ups

9 Burpees

(score is total reps in 3min)

For Total Reps and Weight Combined

Young bulls
Young Bulls 

Post load, and score to comments

Auxiliary: 3×25 Reverse Hypers

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  1. The Swede Reply

    2257…..i think

  2. lolo Reply

    rx 1176

  3. Joe LaRose Reply


  4. Liz Reply


  5. Jen Reply

    1112 (25#)

  6. paige Reply

    rx: 1232….30 lbs

  7. Maya Reply

    Brent – Thanks for the heads up Hughey. I never really tgouhht I trained too much. I guess I tend to think of it in terms of time in motion as well as intensity during that time in motion. A medium paced run 7:30-8 min mile (didn’t time it) followed by less than 10 minutes of cleans and push ups doesn’t seem like much to me. Maybe it’s more than I think it is. I do sprints too but not often enough. I guess I shouldn’t mention the 50 toes to bar in 3 unbroken sets of 20, 15, and 15 I did after the WOD.[]

  8. Leandra Reply

    Cat – 6 Rounds +3 Pull ups, level 3 with box jump over. I have not been following a good eatnig routine and I felt it the entire 20 minutes!! Thanks for the shout out about the salad Jennifer, I had no other option then to eat well after how poorly I felt during that WOD. Change of season blues we shall overcome![]

  9. Laisha Reply

    ~jennifer – about coconut water amzaon.com has all sizes/flavors of coconut water and if you order it and click ‘subscribe and save’, you can get a case of 6 or 12 for .10 an ounce (stores around here run .16 and up). you can cancel your subscription immediately, too, if you only want to order it once.[]

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