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November 19, 2009





95 pound Thrusters/ Pull Ups

For Time

BQ "Fran"

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Strength: Overhead Squat


Skill:  Muscle Ups

Auxiliary:  Sprint


note:  give adequate amount of rest between sprint intervals 

Fran, 1:53, Jason Kaplan …[wmv][mov]

Muscle-Up Progression, Jeff Tucker (CFJ Preview)[wmv][mov]


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  1. MJ Reply


  2. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1311833453 Reply


  3. Collins Reply

    As rx’d 4:14. Don’t tell BQ but I puked shortly afterwards.

  4. Sue W. Reply

    Thank you.

  5. BQ Reply

    I can’t put into words how proud I am of everyone who did tday’s wod. 14/14 pr’d their previous time on “fran”. This was the first time we repeated a wod. It’s only gonna get better. Be aware that the initial conditioning response to Crossfit is the major reason why we all have experienced such success w our times. Our results will not continue to compound they way they have this past month. We will hit platueas and together will get through them!

  6. MJ Reply

    Rx 2:39

  7. BQ Reply

    Rx’d and PR 2:35

  8. Bill F Reply

    used 65 pounds for the thrusters and did jumping pull ups from the ground. time: 9:08

  9. Bill F Reply

    Thrusters 65 pounds and pull ups w a jump from. 9:08

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