19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 17, 2011




12min AMRAP of:

5 Deadlifts…315/185 pounds

10 HSPU's

15 Sit Ups (butterfly)

For Total Reps

Chris being shown the path

Post time and load to comments

Strength: Sott's Press 3×5

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  1. Lauren Krygowski Reply


  2. Sue W. Reply

    I’m about to cry i love this picture so much.

  3. lolo Reply

    this picture is adorable!!
    215, 145#

  4. paige Reply

    i love this picture!

  5. Chris Reply

    I was bitching to Emily saying I would never get pull ups with the band and THE MASTER took me by the hand and guided me down the right path!!! and thanks to her kind words of encouragement I GOT IT 🙂 thanks Emily!!!!

  6. TRRN Reply

    275lb deadlift. 10 RDS + 5= 305
    Nice camera work Steph, You really captured the moment. Great pic

  7. ElizabethJ Reply

    I nominate this picture for the best picture of the year award.

  8. Ghanshyam Reply

    Take a break from the syrup You can clear your sinuses and get that psdnropheediue calm and the antihistamine tinglies with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap in the shower. I swear!

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