19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 13, 2011




20min AMRAP of:

12 Back Squats…95/65 pounds

9 Push Press…95/65 pounds

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

3 Burpees 

(every 5min 30 Double Unders)

For Total Reps

Boobies 2
Team Explode at "Barbells for Boobs" CrossFit KOP.

Lauren and Liz placed 1st for the women.

Bill (not in pic) and Tyler placed 1st for men.

Congratulations Jeff, Laura, Sue, Hannah, Jenny, Kyleigh, Lorelie, Madison, Lauren, Liz, Bill, Tyler and all Team Explode!! Its amazing to see your confidence and know that you all truly beleive that you capable of anything! So motivating… So inspirational… So Proud.


Post total reps and load to comments

Strength: Back Squat 5×3

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  1. Lee Reply

    213 reps (7 rds + 3) – 55 lbs, red band

  2. paige Reply

    Rx: 153…. Double unders killed me soooo bad hah

  3. Liz Reply

    Rx 243

  4. jen Reply

    rx 147

  5. The Swede Reply

    rx: 248

  6. Lauren Krygowski Reply


  7. Bethanne Reply

    167…double unders were awful…took me too long to get them! blue band for pull ups; 45#

  8. TRRN Reply

    Rx 8Rds + 28. Feel like I could have done a little better, but was really moveing slow on the squats. Total reps 268

  9. Shiruu Reply

    Great to have you back, Hamakers and LeahG. A lot of scores to keep track of today.DU: 86PUSH: 49PULL: 24SQUAT: 80PP: 35-35-35-37.5-40-45-45 1 (fail)Row: 56.2, 58.7Situp ttaaba: 12,12,12,12,11,11,10,10=90

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