19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 11, 2009




This does not mean that there is no class today 

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  1. MJ Reply

    F rest day

  2. BQ Reply

    If u show up at 7 mj, u will see it’s not a rest day. Check the board in the am!

  3. Sue W. Reply

    Sweet! Every time I check the website it’s Rest Day.

  4. Gerry DiNunzio Jr Reply

    HA No rest for the weary!!

  5. Andi Reply

    04-05-12I like how you compared this to the Nazis tsniteg on people. Though it was horrible, most of the doctors were just doing what they thought they needed to do. Research may further in the adult stem cells and ES could be phased out completely. One day we may look back on all of this and say I can’t believe we were so horrible to do these things to ES cells.’

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