19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

October 31, 2011




21…15…9 of:

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Box Jumps…28/24" box

For Time

(use a 45# plate on the 24/20" box to make 28/24")


Post time and load to comments

Auxiliary: 2x300m Shuttle (2min rest between efforts)


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  1. Jeff Hansen Reply

    rx: 4:31… did butterfly pull ups

  2. Jeff Hansen Reply

    REMINDER***: To those attending OTG Fitness Competition: Please let me know if you want to stop at my house after the competition for a cook out in my back yard with a little fire going on. You are welcome to bring any friends or family members. You are welcome to bring any cuts of meat or any beer or what ever because i will also be providing food and drinks. My house is only about 20 – 30 min from otg. Just try to let me know in advanced if you want to come over so my parents can get food and drinks in preparation. Just try to let me know asap! Thank you!

  3. paige Reply

    6:58, used purple band for chest to bar
    aux: 2:14

  4. KeithQ Reply

    PAT’S A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lolo Reply

    6:35, purple band

  6. Bill Keast Reply

    5:58 w/ Red Band
    Aux: 2:02

  7. Sammler Reply

    Sammler….3:39 RX

  8. YaYa Reply

    Rx 7:15
    Aux 2:20
    Nice work tonight everybody!

  9. jen Reply

    6:55, purple band for chest to bar
    aux 2:18

  10. Jeff K. Reply


  11. TRRN Reply

    Rx 4:04
    Aux 1:59

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