19 Hagerty Blvd. Unit 7
West Chester, PA

November 09, 2009




135 pound CnP

30 reps for time

11.9.09 Group Pic

Post load and time to comments


Grace-Off, Greg Amundson & Dave Leys…[wmv]

Grace (Tosh)…[wmv][mov]

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  1. MJ Reply

    Rx 2:28

  2. BQ Reply

    Rx’d 1:47, tried lettin it go at the peak n not controling the downward motion. Felt like it slowed me up n had too much left in tank when I was done.
    Great job everyone who did this wod. Gotta get u all t leave ur comments

  3. dana.r Reply

    The weight was really challenging & hahaha about ur caption under the pic…

  4. TRRN Reply

    I couldn’t go rx prescribed. I got 2:40 with 115 lbs. Form while trying to keep a good speed is the real tough thing with this workout. By the way Brian, I think more people would post comments if you stopped calling us ugly.-Thanks for the laugh.

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